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45" Imprinted Shoe Laces

Sale price$4.95 USD

A pair of imprinted 45 inch (~115 cm) laces, measuring approximately 3/8 inches (~1 cm) wide, suitable for most low-top shoes, or shoes with 5-7 eyelets. Choose one of these fun designs to add some pizzazz to your shoes.

Please indicate your color choice from the list below in the special instructions box. If you do not choose one or we are out of stock, we will first try to contact you, and if you are unreachable, a color will be chosen at random.

  • Thick Glow-in-the-Dark Hearts White/Pink
  • Thick Checkers Black/White
  • Flat Glitter Pink
  • Flat Glitter Stars Grey/Pink
  • Flat Checkerboard White/Pink
  • Flat Rainbow Stars
  • Flat Floral Light Cream
  • Flat Plaid Black/Multi
  • Flat Crackle Black/Grey
  • Flat Crackle Grey/Dark Grey
  • Flat Speckled White/Black
  • Flat Ink Spots Black/Grey
  • Flat Galaxy Purple/Blue
  • Flat Polka Dots Black/Cream
  • Flat Flame/Red
  • Flat Lady Bug Red/White
  • Flat Pot Leaves Black/Green
  • Flat Skulls with Little Stars
  • Flat Camouflage Green
  • Flat Camouflage Brown
  • Flat Cherry Pink
  • Flat Argyle White/Green/Blue
  • Flat Little Black Star Pink
  • Flat Stars Black/Green
  • Flat Stripes Black/White
  • Flat Checkers Black/Red
  • Flat Skinny Stripes Black/Red
  • Flat Jamaica Flag Black/Yellow/Green
  • Flat Rasta Red/Yellow/Green
  • Flat Rainbow
  • Flat California Bear White/Brown


45" Imprinted Shoe Laces
45" Imprinted Shoe Laces Sale price$4.95 USD