About Us

old school shoes in santa cruz

Hello footwear lovers! We’re Ellen and Eric Gil, and we’ve been in the sock, shoe and hosiery business for 27 years, based in Santa Cruz, California. After opening a little 450-square-foot sock boutique in 1988, we discovered a whole new world of fun footwear. We had no idea where it would take us, and after all these years, Sockshop Santa Cruz has transitioned into Sockshop & Shoe Company, where we were able to add the best in comfort, fashion and lifestyle footwear to our already amazing sock selection.

Our voyage into the world of shoes inspired us, and in 2002 we opened Old School Shoes, to offer the “old school” brands of our youth, as well as sneakers, accessories, and so much more! Despite Sockshop & Shoe Company’s grand 5,000-square-foot frame, we felt like we were bursting at the seams with amazing product, and still we got constant requests from loyal customers to expand our hosiery selection and add underwear to the mix. We listened to your calls, and in 2010 Legs was born, right next door to Sockshop & Shoe Company.  We designed a beautiful 1940’s-inspired space to house all of the best hosiery, leggings, and intimates we could find. Our little Sockshop family sure has grown in Santa Cruz, and we’re thrilled to offer you all the best to put on your feet, legs, and a few of your other favorite places.  Come take a stroll down Pacific Avenue, and see for yourself!